We operate the top of the line B3 Astar Helicopter. Many operations use the standard B2. We are able to average more runs per day and hour with the B3’s additional horsepower than other operations and their B2’s. The difference is clear! The overall weight capacity is not increased, but the performance and speed at max weight is obvious when flying. Nearly 200 additional horsepower help our rate of climb and thus the number of runs per hour vs. the B2. Not only that, but when landing in the mountains and the type of environments we do, having additional power if and when needed, greatly increases the safety of the operation overall.

Around the world the Eurocopter A-Star 350 has proven itself as the premier helicopter for flight tours and heli-skiing and has become the industry standard and with its quiet ride and big windows that allow excellent viewing for every passenger. The B3’s are the best of the best in the A-Star category, which is why we have chosen to use only them.


Your safety is our top priority. At Black Ops Valdez, you can rest assured that your pilot is one of the best in the industry. Our pilots also have thousands of hoursside_bar_heli4 and years of experience flying in numerous scenarios. Most have years technical mountain flying experience and fly year after year, right here in the Chugach for heli-skiers. With experienced pilots from Alaskan operators, you can be sure that they have the training and skills needed to operate in rugged mountain terrain and remote locations. And with on-site mechaics, you can be sure that your helicopter is safe and ready to go when we are.

Our pilots are heavily involved with every aspect of our operation. They are an integral part of our team and participate in all meetings and weigh in on all operational procedures.