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Valdez Dreams: TGR Tees Off On Thompson Pass

By TetonGravityResearch | February 27th, 2012


For the past few weeks, Teton Gravity Research has been in Valdez, Alaska, filming a segment for its next movie, The Dream Factory. The following blog post comes from TGR cinematographer Dan Gibeau. All photos by Mark Fisher.

The five-day haul from Jackson, Wyoming, to Valdez, Alaska, is a treacherous mid-winter slog on The Alaska Highway. With gas stations located hundreds of miles apart, the only respite from being in the car for that long is Liard Hot Springs — an oasis located about 1,200 miles into the 2,800-mile drive. With snowmachines in tow, skiers Griffin Post and Todd Ligare made the trek successfully. Snowboarder Ralph Backstrom flew in to Anchorage and met the boys at Robe Lake Lodge. Read More >>>


Keeping The Dream Alive In Valdez, Alaska

By TGR – Eric Daft | March 9th, 2012

second_TGR_articleTeton Gravity Research continues filming for The Dream Factory in Valdez Alaska. After spending over a month here in the middle of winter, we have experienced intsense cold weather and blower powder days. Battling frostbite and chasing light are some of the challenges of filming in Alaska in February. When it’s snowing, we use snowmachines to access sick pillow lines next to the harbor. When it goes blue, we either snowmachine, hike, or heli into the alpine. Read More >>>



Griffin Post, Todd Ligare And Ralph Backstrom Kill It At Ski-Camping

By TGR – sampope | May 22nd, 2012

3_TGR_articleIn April, I spent 12 days camped between Cordova and Valdez, Alaska, on the Woodsworth Glacier at the base of the famed Pontoon peak, in the Chugach, filming Ralph Backstrom, Todd Ligare, and Griffin Post for Teton Gravity Research’s newest film, The Dream Factory. Read More>>>




Skiing Alaska the hard way

By On April 26, 2012

Matador_articleAS A CHILD, I REMEMBER QUICKSAND being a legitimate concern. I’m not sure where in my youth this slipped into my subconscious, but it seemed at any turn in life I could suddenly encounter this freak of nature. Twenty-some years later, hiking 60-degree spines in Alaska’s Chugach Range, I think I’m finally realizing my childhood fear in the form of snow. Read More>>>



Episode 11: Tailgate AK: ski/board festival in de Alaskaanse wildernis

door Juulski op 29 april 2012


Een vijftigtal RV’s en tientallen tentjes in de sneeuw doemen in de verte op. Dit moet dus Tailgate zijn, een snowboard festival gehouden bij Thompson Pass op een oude landingsbaan op 28 mijl van Valdez in de Chugach Mountains. De snowboard top komt hier samen om mee te doen aan het World Freeride Festival, een freeride wedstrijd die je vanaf een paar honderd meter kunt volgen. Het is tien keer spannender dan de gemiddelde skifilm, de boarders zijn gemakkelijk met het blote oog te volgen en ze worden door het publiek juichend aangemoedigd. Read More>>>





AK Chronicles: Valdez



I’m fairly certain if I spent enough time on IMDB I could find a movie with a plot about kids that find keys to an amusement park and have the place all to themselves. There would be rides with no lines, none of the games would be rigged, and the cotton candy would be endless. For skiers, the equivalent plot takes place yearly in Valdez, Alaska, in February. But instead of roller coasters and water slides, there are helicopters and snowmobiles. The snow is deep, the lines untouched, and the crowds non-existent. Read More>>>


AK Chronicles: The road


espn_2As a skier, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to far off places with too much gear, not enough money, and always a day behind schedule. The swings of misfortune along the way often end up being some of the most memorable parts of the adventure. I’ve had my luggage lost for a week, drive-trains fall out of trucks in the middle of nowhere, and I once bought 40 packs of Marlboro Reds to “tip” Russians with, only to find out that nobody where I was in Russia smokes Marlboro Reds. So, in many ways a drive up the Alaska-Canada (AlCan) Highway is an adventure in itself. Read More>>>